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Alexander the Great ordered his troops to eat onions to improve their vitality.

After Rome conquered Greece, the onion becamea staple in the Roman diet. Gladiators were rubbed down with onion juice to "firm up the muscles".

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The Best Wurst is in immediate danger of losing its license at 6th & San Jacinto.
This could force one of Austin's favorite mobile food vendors out of business!
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The onion is the most favored food that grows.



Yo mamma is so ugly,
she made an onion cry.

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Man walks into a store and asks the clerk "Do you have any polish sausage."The clerk replies "Are you Polish?"The man says "Yes, but why do you ask. If I asked for Italian Sausage would you ask if I was Italian, or if I asked for German Sausage would you ask if I was German, or if I asked for a Taco, would you ask if I was Mexican. The clerk simply answered "No." The man asked him why he asked then he asked if he was Polish. The clerk replied "Because this is a hardware store."

sauerkraut is credited with important has been known to ward off a hangover, since it not only drives away the headache, but also neutralizes the stomach and has been known to cleanse the liver too.

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bratwurst is the bomb